Monday, April 27, 2009



Here are some pictures of the Rock garden and patios My father and I built at their house (all by ourselves because help is for sissys) and keep in mind that there wasn't anything back there when we first moved in.

and if you look to the left of the far patio, we just built another stone patio with two huge boulders in the middle of it surrounded by red patio brick. oh and the place closest to the bottom of the picture was also layed by myself. just thought i would share. and if anyone wants one just ask! coming soon to crown heights!

Monday, April 13, 2009

trying to finish everything


So as of yesterday, after a grueling conversation with my grandparents i was not really expecting, they agreed to help me again with school once I finished yeshiva! Very exciting news because even though Imade a big show of paying for the rest completly out of pocket, I had almost no idea how i was going to accomplish that (other than begging for a pell grant). anyway, thats exciting and tomorrow I hear from the yeshiva and buy my plane ticket, I was thinking of maybe going to crown heights for a day before but I'm not sure yet. I also need to move my stuff, pack, get my license back, switch the electrical bill over to my roomate, and get my immunization records. so stuff to do! but I'll be back!



So it looks like I have some great news! Ill put a longer post up in a bit! But its really great and hopefully tomorrow is all the same! hope everyone is having a great chag and Ill post more tomorrow G-d willing with even more good news! :D

Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Happy Pesach!!! especially to people in california!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

cool picture


My dad gave me a tennessee flag today, and apparently it saw combat! my mother sent him the flag in 1990 and he kept it in his plane. this is a picture of him and another pilot from tennessee with the flag over the plane. Hes on the right.

Monday, April 6, 2009



Sorry guys, busy cleaning my tiny place (someone else's) for pesach. its nice though, I get to pretend i have someone very special :) with me and it is my own home. my family has in essence said that they will not support me, but my dad walked up to me before i left and handed me (along with some one documents i needed from his safe) a gold coin he had bought when i was born. he said "for when you realize what a big mistake this was" the worth of the coin now is about $1,000. He was saving it for the future but gave it to me now "in case my plan falls through". Its nice to know that they are still there, of course now i can never sell it as a point of pride (being that he will ask constanty whether or not ive sold it yet, and this being a moniker of my being wrong and him being right) but it is nice to have some  backup. anyway i buy my ticket tomorrow (G-d willing) can't wait to be back in yeshiva! more news to follow! maybe pictures from rocky horror!