Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Teaching and Peace Talks


My day teaching began with myself walking into a blazing hot room (air conditioner is broken) full of tired, uninterested nine and ten year olds. Nevertheless, we hit the ground running and got them engaged and motivated through some humor, and an introduction to the book that we are going to be reading for the first part of the year "James and the Giant Peach". My major error today was planning on today being only an introduction to the course and its materials without any sort of backup lesson should the intro and discussion on class procedures not fill the whole class time today (which of course it did not) . I would have begun a short ways into our novel for English (math didn't end up being such an issue time wise) but With the holidays being what they are this month Class days are so disjointed, i just worried that the students might have a hard time keeping up with the book. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Middle east peace talks have begun this week between President Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and PA President Abbas. for what ever reason , everyone seems very disenfranchised with the whole process, I couldn't imagine why....