Saturday, February 27, 2010

Purim in Spokane!


So here I am in spokane, washington for purim. How did i get here? Well, I was chosen as one of Dovid Luna's friends to go and represent everyone at the yeshiva who were friends with Dovid. There was, unfotunatly, only enough money for one ticket. anyway, due to this tragedy, I am making frelich in Spokane. I'm glad I could be here for Dovid even though I wish it was under much differant curcimstances, and I also wish I could be with my Kallah and all my friends (including Dovid) in Crown Heights, but this is were I am and am supposed to be right now. So frelichen Purim to everyone and I can't wait to get back and see everyone!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heres a thought


If the whole idea of individuals not alerting the beis din of the mockery being made in they're name is because we're afraid they'll agree with these schutzim and force us to close down, why is the response instead to just close down...? I'm having a hard time seeing the logic. If they were to G-d forbid attack you, would your defense be, instead of calling the police, to punch yourself in the face? how about doing a little standing up for ourselves, and showing that not only can we write good, but we stand up to bullies good too.

Monday, February 22, 2010

BDE Dovid Luna


A friend of mine, Dovid Luna just passed away in a car accident. I didn't get a chance to see him very much recently except for at my L'chaim when we danced togather for a few seconds, but i did get to learn with him for a while and gain some great advice about all kinds of things. He was a amazing Jew, chossid, and all around good guy. He is really going to be missed. Your Neshama should get an Aliyah Dovid ben Avraham.

What are they thinking?


I'm really interested in what these peoples thought process is. Do they think that everyone will stop blogging? do they think that everyone is going to take them seriously? Do they actually believe that the way they are doing things is correct? What is going going through there heads when they are deciding how to hurt another Jew ad desecrating the the mission of the Rebbe? Do they feel justified or self-righteous? here's something more important, do they think that they even have a chance at succeeding in their "mission/chillul H-shem"? Do they imagine the Rebbe smiling and nodding his head that this misdeed? cowering behind a idiotic email address may keep any consequences from befalling them now, but do they think that blackmailing another Jew and impersonating a Beis Din doesn't have its spiritual consequences? When you see something you believe is wrong, I was taught (by my parents and the Rebbe's teachings) You stand up face to face with it and say I think you should stop, or change what your doing, then you help in the change. My Name is Yisroel and you should stop what you are doing, the people you have offend are good Jews and I'm sure would forgive the awful things you said and did. this is Lubavitch, we go on shliuchus, we love Jews. Try that angle instead.