Sunday, May 24, 2009



Sorry its been so long since i posted! craziness with subbing and getting ready to leave tomorrow! yay! I will be in CH by 3 pm or so. Ill post more as soon as i can but i dont know how frequent with yeshiva and all. well I hope everyone is doing well and ill post more later!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



So subbing has been great. the kids are all pretty good considering their age, though i have definitely decided as easy as it is i do not desire to be an elementary school teacher. in other news, i accidentally left my phone at home on Monday, the following day, i returned home to get it and checked missed calls only to find that it wasn't anyway i thought i had left it. this unfortunately leaves me with only one conclusion. being as there are only two places it could be (the house, and Allen's car [he offered to give me a ride that day]) the only other option is that Allen, though meaning well, for some asinine reason decided to take it with him to give to me. where he thought that was going to happen other than home is beyond me. so day three and no phone. hope no one important tried to call. sorry i shouldn't be as upset about this as i am, its just kind of frustrating. 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am the best P.E. teacher ever!

being a P.E. teacher is possibly the easiest job ever. Im subbing all next week too. and I get to go with the kids on a field trip to a baseball game wednesday! It's pretty much free money. Ill post more and maybe take some pictures later. oh and the school is in one of the worst parts of the city where i used to boot cars! half of the kids are hispanic of some kind and the other from arabic speaking countries. everyone thought i was either a leprechaun or an elf. weird.

Thursday, May 7, 2009



I just accepted a job subing as a P.E. teacher at a elementary school starting tomorrow til next friday! and i get out early enough for Shabbos! (as a side not its very hard to find continuous jobs as a sub, its kind of luck of the draw) woot!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Iraqi poetry


Modern iraqi poetry i read for class

The Prisoner by Dunya Mikhail
Translated by Salaam Yousif and Liz Winslow
She doesn't understand
what it means to be "guilty"
She waits at the prison's door
until she sees him
to tell him "Take care"
as she used to remind him
when he was going to school
when he was going to work
when he was coming on vacation
She doesn't understand
what they are uttering now
those who are behind the bar
with their uniform
as they decided that
he should be put there
with strangers of gloomy days
It never came to her mind
when she was saying lullabies
upon his bed
during those faraway nights
that he would be put
in this cold place
without moons or windows
She doesn't understand
The mother of the prisoner
doesn't understand
why should she leave him
just because "the visit has finished"!

The Last Iraq by Fadhil al-Azzawi
Translated by Salaam Yousif
Every night I place this creature on my table
And pull its ears,
Till tears of joy come to its eyes.
Another cold winter, penetrated by airplanes
And soldiers sitting on the edge of a hillock,
Waiting for history
To rise up from the darkness of the marshes
With a gun in its hand,
To shoot angels
Training for the revolution.
Every night
I put my hand on this country,
It slips away from my fingers,
Like a soldier running from the front.

phone :/


So my phone broke, and i dropped my ipod in a puddle :( i will take til after shabbos til i know if i can salvage either. but it does mean that i think i lost everyones numbers. blech day. I hope everyone has a great shabbos!