Sunday, August 29, 2010

Times, they are a changin'


Up all night working on the curriculum for math, science, Rosh Hashanna, and Shlach(in a loose definition of the word work). Had a Farbrenging for Chai Elul which turned out to be much more productive that I had thought it would have been (or at least I hope it will be ;) ) One thing I'm noticing as far as this curriculum I am working on is that almost no one has asked to see it prior to two days before school starts. Its nice to feel as though my administration trusts me but somehow my intuition tells me that it has more to do with oversight and apathy than my extrodanaire ability as an brand new educator, but that might just be me. In any case I am looking forward to the coming year teaching and finishing smicha (BH) because I need to start Grad school soon! I'm going to be here's some photos of things until school actually starts!


e said...

The middle pic?

Sebastion said...

Everyone loves balls.