Saturday, February 27, 2010

Purim in Spokane!


So here I am in spokane, washington for purim. How did i get here? Well, I was chosen as one of Dovid Luna's friends to go and represent everyone at the yeshiva who were friends with Dovid. There was, unfotunatly, only enough money for one ticket. anyway, due to this tragedy, I am making frelich in Spokane. I'm glad I could be here for Dovid even though I wish it was under much differant curcimstances, and I also wish I could be with my Kallah and all my friends (including Dovid) in Crown Heights, but this is were I am and am supposed to be right now. So frelichen Purim to everyone and I can't wait to get back and see everyone!!


The Real Shliach said...

Happy holidays.

e said...

you enjoy your Spokanese wheather. I'll enjoy the Puerto Rican wheather.

e said...

Change your damn background! It makes me dizzy.

Feivel ben Mishael said...

Damn you missed my tatty and missed me leaving.
Hope you had a great purim.